The Dangers of Trusting Cloud Computing over Personal Storage

In the past few years, cloud computing has grown to become a mainstream trend in the UK. To add to it, the growing inclination of individuals and businesses towards the use of smart devices that allow increased mobility has further contributed towards the increasing use of cloud computing. Hence it becomes essential, especially for businesses, to keep themselves informed about the latest cloud computing news.

While cloud computing is made out to be the next big thing in digital world, the fact cannot be ignored that online storage has its own flaws, mainly concerning security. Those who make it a point to keep themselves updated with the latest cloud news and realise the full scope of dangers that entail cloud computing are gradually reverting to the use of traditional means of data storage. So, don’t be surprised if you come across someone who prefers personal storage over online storage options.

Many consider personal storage a safer option as it greatly reduces- if not nullifies- the possibility of stored data being damaged, stolen or influenced by external factors.

Latest cloud industry news and articles reflect that one of the key factors that have contributed to the growing use of cloud computing in the UK is the reduced prices of online storage facilities and free services. On the other hand, personal storage may cost a little more, but it also brings along peace of mind and surety that your data is safe.

If cloud computing is an area of your interest and you keep yourself updated with the current cloud computing news, by now you must have realised that there are three main concerns that surround cloud computing in the UK and globally. These include the problems of security, longevity and accessibility.

  • Security

Security is one of the main issues that take the centre stage when it comes to highlighting problems related to cloud computing. In fact, it has also been emphasised upon many a time in cloud news. While cloud computing services may be available at a surprisingly lower price of for free presently, there is no guarantee that things will remain same in the future. Going by the cloud industry news, at some point in time cloud computing services are to be monetised. Current cloud computing news trends suggest that cloud computing services providers are receiving funding for their offerings from a third-party, putting the security of their clients and data at the funders’ behest.

  • Accessibility

Sounds ironic, right? But it is true! While cloud news widely publicises cloud computing as a facility that supports easy accessibility, it is not entirely true. Latest cloud industry news hints towards the growing inclination of services providers to make the stored data available exclusively in the cloud. This means that in case you fail to prove your identity, you simply cannot access your data.

  • Longevity

If you keep yourself updated with the latest cloud computing news, you must be aware that takeovers and mergers are a common happening in the cloud world. So, in such events how are the users of cloud computing services affected? Frequent mergers and takeovers put users’ data at risk. Hence, it is likely that a user’s workflow is to be disrupted as a result of the implementation of new policies by new owners.

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