Cloud computing is the future but not if security problems persist

In the past few years cloud computing has managed to receive a lot of popularity in the business arena and today many market observers believe that it is the future only if security problems are properly addressed.

For those people who are still not familiar with what cloud computing is we would just give a brief explanation. Cloud computing is the practice through which usage and access of remotely located network servers can be obtained from anywhere by using devices such as Smartphones, tablets and computers. Users can easily gain access to remote servers through internet to store, process and manage relevant data, without the need of using a server’s personal computer. It has been reported that various businesses are using cloud computing applications as they prove to be faster, cost-effective and easy to manage and maintain. This revolutionary invention is not only limited to businesses but has become famous amongst many internet users as well. As many internet users are widely using cloud computing services such as Dropbox, Google Docs and other applications to gain access to their files from wherever they want.

Due to the wide use of internet services along with the usage of various technological devices such as mobile phones and tablets, cloud computing is gaining more momentum. When employees are not working in their office and on their desk they can access their documents, videos and pictures easily on cloud storage by using the internet.

However, with the advancement in technology many experts are worried about the increased security issues that will be required to be addressed for cloud computing. As per the co-founder of a cloud security start-up there is no further debate involved. He states that when the network is not owned by you then it is available to the rest of the world and you can’t control the layers of the stack. The cloud as compared to storing data on premises is more insecure.

A few members belonging to Open Data Centre Alliance that is a consortium which includes the biggest IT companies around the globe such as Infosys, SAP, Disney and Deutsche Telekom are considered to be in favour of the cloud. Nonetheless, as per a recent survey it has been reported that 66% of the consortium members are worried about data security which is halting their effort for cloud computing. There has also been a similar survey in the past years that has shown that around 80% of the consortium’s members were doubtful about using cloud computing because of security concerns.

The security problems and issues are indeed one of the few problems that are being recognised by many companies. However, there are companies that are also concerned about the regulatory issues. Many market observers report that 47% of the survey participants are extremely worried about the fact that they are going to be stuck with only one cloud storage provider.

One of the prominent cloud computing providers in the industry is Amazon Web Services. The department is considered to be the fastest flourishing department of Amazon. But in October 2012, the department’s services became dysfunctional for a while as the users who had saved their files and documents on Amazon web Services were unable to access them.

Latest cloud computing news show that cloud computing is still at its initial stage and in order for the industry to expand in the coming years; cloud computing providers have to address the security issues.

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