Cloud computing courses available online

In simple words, cloud computing basically means storing your data online instead of storing it on your computer’s hard disk. It is basically a way to store your data on the internet. You computer’s hard disk is basically known as local storage and computing. If you use cloud computing then your data can be available to you online at any time from any computer. This cannot be done so in the situation where a computer’s hard disk is being used to access data. Cloud computing just requires an online connection and can be done anywhere and anytime.

Cloud computing news states that cloud computing skills can prove to be very beneficial from a career point of view. Technology and businesses are expanding at the speed of light side by side and having knowledge of cloud computing as well as business is extremely important.

To make the most out of these amazing career opportunities, we have lined up a list of free online cloud computing courses. These courses include cloud computing degree and certification programs. According to the latest cloud computing news, by going through the list below you can now choose the cloud computing course that suits you best:

  1. Cork Institute of Technology: The Cork Institute of Technology offers MSc in Cloud Computing. This is an online Master’s degree programme that has the following learning objectives:
  • Cloud Strategy Planning and Management
  • Software engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Application Development Frameworks
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Storage Infrastructures
  • Research Project


  1. Cousera & University of Edinburgh and ORT Uruguay University: The course offered here will basically focus more on Scratch. Scratch is a visual programming language that very user friendly. It encourages you to think like a software engineer and teaches the basics principals of computing.


  1. Coursera & Vanderbilt University: This course is basically called Programming Cloud Services for Andriod HandHeld Systems. The learning objectives are:
  • How to connect Android devices to cloud via the use of object-oriented design techniques
  • Jetty Middlewear
  • Cloud Computing platforms such as Google App Engineer


  1. Harvard University (Harvard Extension School): The name of this course is CSCI E-64 Mobile and Cloud Comouting (24228). This course covers the following specifications:
  • Essentials that help realise the true power, innovation and potential of technologies
  • Key services and application programming interfaces offered by Microsoft Azure
  • Low cost cloud computing services that will help with mobile applications.
  • This course will also cover areas like mobile services, cloud services, schedule load balancing, Harsoop, SQL database, websites and notification hubs.


  1. University of Massachusetts – Lowell: This is a course that is called Cloud Computing. It offers a lot of things that are essential for the knowledge of someone who is interested in pursuing cloud computing as a career. This course begins with:
  • An overview of modern models that are well distributed
  • In the exposure of design principles
  • Innovative applications of distributed, parallel and different types of cloud computing systems.
  • Apart from the things mentioned above, this course also provides a comprehensive coverage of cloud computing. It focuses on the creation and maintenance of the high performance and reliable cloud computing systems as so stated by the latest cloud computing news.

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