About Cloud Industry News

About Cloud Industry News

What is Cloud Industry News?

Cloud Industry News is a leading source that provides relevant and up-to-date cloud computing features, news and analyses in order to keep IT specialists and technological experts in line with the cutting-edge technologies.

Why you need Cloud Industry News?

As more start-ups continue to emerge, the hype of cloud computing is more than ever before. In the near future it is evident that there will be numerous applications available on the cloud, ranging to 48 million in 2016 alone. This means that the increased innovation in cloud will help businesses to work more effectively and generate high profits while producing better products and services at the same time. With cloud computing elevating its standing it is imminent for businesses and specialists to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the cloud computing industry to have an edge over their competitors.

What does Cloud Industry News provide you?

At Cloud Industry News we provide you with the latest news, videos, white papers, case studies and in depth articles straight from cloud computing experts and thought leaders to keep you updated. Our readers range from business leaders to technology bloggers with a general interest in the Cloud Industry as we provide authentic and in-depth analysis.

How does Cloud Industry News work?

Set up in 2012, we’ve been busy producing and collecting informative articles on the hottest news and developments related to the cloud computing industry.

Growing from our simple twitter handle, where we used to share hot articles, our team created this site to provide excellent and helpful articles to a wider audience around the globe. Cloud Industry News is a thriving community consisting of specialists and professionals who are interested in cloud computing technology and strategy. Our aim is to provide our audience with authentic and most recent cloud computing industry research and give our own conclusion on it. We also tend to report from the forefront of cloud computing news and also feature articles and contributions from businesses that lie at the heart of this revolution.